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Conduct And Discipline Rules

• The principal has the full authority to fine, punish, admonish or forgive a student depending on the nature of lapse and its impact on others.

• The Principal may ask any student to leave the institution at any time if he feels that his/her stay in the institution in his/her interest or that of the institution.

• A student must turn up punctuality on the first day of each term and also subsequently. Those students who remain absent without permission for a week or more are liable to lose their enrollment and may be struck off the rolls. Afine of Rs.10/- per day will be charged for being absent without leave.

• The students causing damage to furniture or College property will be fined heavily and in addition disciplinary action may also be taken against them. In any case the parents will have to make good the damage caused.

• Students suffering from a contagious or infectious disease are not permitted to attend school in the larger interest of other students.

• Parents are expected to monitor at home their children's studies regularly and ensure completion of home work given to them. A student showing indecent behaviour will be withdrawn from the college forthwith.

• Smoking in the campus is strictly forbidden for students, teachers & employees.

• The use of mobile phone by students is not allowed.

The different types of improper conduct projected by student/parent necessitating expulsion of student from the institution/other punishment on case to case basis are given below:

• Indiscipline, cheating, lying, stealing and showing moral turpitude.

• Bringing or keeping fire arms, knives, of large size or keeping other lethal weapons.

• Willfully damaging the college property or causing harm to other students.

• Being habitually unpunctual, untidy and slovenly dressed.

• Using threats and resorting to violence.

• Behaving rudely with the members of the staff.

• Use of explicit derogatory and humiliating remarks towards DPS management/staff.

• Provoking violent and retaliatory behaviour against the DPS management/staff.

• Knowingly or intentionally violating the rules of DPS.

• Habitual Fee defaulter.